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why lextrust

WHY lextrust

Because our law firm’s goal

is to achieve yours.

Because we know that your legal affairs

require innovative and practical advice.

Because we know that our absolute commitment

is essential to achieving your goals.

Because we do not only respond, but also

anticipate to your legal issues.

Because we know that your solution is likely

not to be found on the beaten tracks.

Because our multilingual and multicultural specialists know how to deal with complex and demanding national and international affairs.





“Independent¨ as we exclusively focus on your individual needs by providing tailor-made solutions, while our international collaboration with your local lawyer can never be hampered by any potential competition between both firms.

“Mid-sized” as the members of our staff are no numbers, but members of a team, all knowing each other’s expertise and teaming up to make a go of it together.

“Multilingual” as we can perfectly serve our national and international clientele in national and international affairs by speaking Luxembourgish, English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Polish.

“Full service” does not mean that we are generalists, but that our individual specialists team up to provide you with tailor-made specialist advice, as specialists are just the little faster, the little more effective and the little better informed than generalists.

About us

We are an independent, multilingual, mid-sized,

full-service law firm

our expertise

Our principal areas of expertise

_ Administrative Law

_ Banking & Finance

_ Corporate & Tax

_ Civil & Commercial Law

_ Criminal Law

_ Employment Law

_ Intellectual Property

_ Investment Funds

_ Maritime

_ Mergers & Acquisitions

_ Real Estate & Construction

_ Sports Law

our team


One goal is to provide our clients with excellent legal services not only at a national level, but also with respect to cross-border affairs, which nowadays are all too common.


Consequently, LEXTRUST is associated with the following international network of selected independent law firms in order to assure the same high level of legal services at a global level:


EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL is the leading network of independent law firms in Europe, with members based in 650 different cities/locations in about 50 countries, not only in Europe but worldwide.


EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL represents about 600 law firms and 6 000 lawyers.



EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL selected member firms are defined by internal quality standards concerning fees, knowledge of foreign languages, promptness and confidentiality.



The EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL headquarters were first awarded ISO 9001 certification in 2005

and have retained this qualification ever since



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24 Avenue Marie-Thérèse

L-2132 Luxembourg

T. + 352 27 21 41 - 1

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